Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Poor Neglected Blog

There are times where I remember it. I didn't realize that it had been so long since I'd posted though. :-/ The kids are doing great.

Jake is growing by the day. He's no longer nursing, and I was ready to be done. I love when he wants to just snuggle me.

Will is one of the most kind hearted kids I've ever had. He requires lots of mommy and daddy snuggles which we are more than happy to provide.

Hannah is so smart. She got E's on all of her grades except for music (weird). E stands for Exceeds Expectations. She loves to read which is always encouraged.

Michael, well, I think he's found something that he loves and really cares about! He's on the "track" team at school and loves it. He also attends an after school program where they do homework and spend time reading and doing other activities. He's improved on his grades quite a bit since 1st grade. I'm hoping that track gives him more ability to focus on his school work a little more.

Abby, she's 13 now. So hard to believe that I'm a mother of a teenager! I love that girl with all of my heart. I know she has the ability to be someone who can really make a difference. She just needs to embrace it.

As for me and Cliff, well we are busy parents of five of the most beautiful children on the earth. Cliff also accepted more hours and is now working full time. Sometimes the job is a little stressful but I think that's pretty typical. We also Independent Product Consultants for a company called doTERRA. Their products have made such an impact on our lives. We have such a wonderful group of people helping us to achieve our dreams and look forward to growing so much more.

♥ I hope that you all are doing well.

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