Sunday, August 22, 2010

Settling in

I think it's safe to say we are settled in to our new home. The kids started school back this past Wednesday and we are settling back in to a school "bed time" schedule.

Work picked up for me this past week and for the most part I think I did fairly well. :) I didn't exactly keep up with the house very well but my kids and honey were mostly cooperative in helping me reclaim it over the weekend. I just finished sorting Mount Washmore and realized I haven't done laundry for a week! Umm... Yeah 7 people really make a lot of laundry in a week! But no worries, I'll have it all caught back up by tomorrow night!

We are meeting new people in the complex and are loving our new ward (church). Everyone has been very welcoming.

Still trying to make things fit in the new house. It's a little bit of a challenge but I'm learning what I need and what I really don't.

Til next time!

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