Thursday, July 19, 2007

Separation Anxiety?

So one of my dear friends (I truly think of her like a sister) is going to be gone all weekend and when she gets back she's going to want to read the new Harry Potter book that is coming out. I think I'm going to have separation anxiety. LOL. With any luck I will get some work done while she is gone. She is going to be sorely missed though!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Once again...

I've fallen into the trap of not being able to free my mind of someone's comments. Please if you are interested in Quixtar (not that you will know that's what it is when you are approached) please inform yourself with this video courtesy of Dateline. ;)

Also please don't leave me any messages about checking into a company before calling it a scam. I know what I'm talking about believe me when I say I've done my research. :-D

Ooh! A baby Carrier Contest??

I'm game! Totally. :-D

Check out this contest giving away a free carrier from Jenn at All Natural Mommies

I'll end this post with one of my favorite baby wearing pics of me and baby4.


I hate spam. Would you believe that someone would actually take the time to spam in my blog? I haven't logged in for a while but there were three very interesting comments which I chose not to approve.

Do you remember my post about That "glorified Amway business" that someone wanted me to join? I didn't name names as far as the company goes but it was Quickstar or Quixtar Someone actually took the time to post to me asking me if I knew the opportunity I missed with that company. My answer to you is why yes Mr. (or Mrs.) Anon I do. :) Thank you very much but I rather like my side of the fence away from the scams. ;)

So on to better and happier things. Baby #4 ended up being a boy. He came to join our family on February 12 weighing a whopping 10lbs 7.4oz. He's thriving on mommy made milk and sporting his lovely cloth diapers also made by mommy.