Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Finished SweetPod!

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I've only had the pattern since December when Jessica released it. :-/ I love it so much! It's very comfortable and ridiculously easy to flip him onto my back with out taking him out of the carrier. I was able to switch him from my front to my back IN COSTCO while talking to another mom about how cool my carrier was. She stopped me to ask what kind of "model" it was and explained that they were flying in the next week and it looked mighty handy. She was really surprised when I told her that I made it. :-D Thank you so much for a well built, extremely useful pattern Jessica!


Bloggity, Crafty Sort of Mood

It seems, at least, that it's the way I've been. Maybe it's because I'm pretty sure my husband is tired of listening to me. Today some of my friends and I had a sewing craft day planned. Well those plans were foiled for me because of sick children. However I just crafted from home. I got my fabric for my carrier that I've been wanting to make since December in the mail this afternoon so I quickly washed it then set to using it. :) I'm not going to spoil it by posting pictures just yet. Be sure to check in later for some action pics.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Crafting We Will Go!

My latest obsession is Waldorf Dolls. Mostly because I love the way they look but they are crazy expensive. I have a little girl that loves to mommy every thing. She would love a doll like this. My pocket book said: "No way can you afford one!" so off I set researching for the things that I liked about them and how I could make one.

Well she still needs hair and facial features but I'm pretty pleased with the way she came out. :) She has a perfect fitting dolly diaper too. I have plans to make her a few more so that she has a "stash" of them for her little baby. I also plan to make her a carrier of some sort so that she can carry her new baby every where, and some clothes.

Daddy is getting involved too. Tonight I mentioned to him that I really thought this little baby could use a cradle so that she could be tucked in for naps. I could be wrong but I *think* I saw a spark in his eyes.

Stay tuned! This is going to be one heck of a birthday gift!