Monday, January 02, 2006

Shooting For the Stars!!

My wonderful Husband has been wanting a business that was "ours" so bad. Tonight we were visited by some friends who had a business opportunity for us. Come to find out it's a glorified online Amway. NO THANK YOU! I had however been a part of a company once that I loved and truely believe in. Their products have worked miracles for me. :) I didn't go very far with it last time simply because I had a very unsupportive husband. So tonight we took the plunge. Now I have another website to add to my collection! We will be selling herbal wellness products. :) Now I'm not going to go into all tonight but I have personally used these products and truly believe that they work and are excellent! Ok I will quit boring you with my little lectures and give you a link. Our New Business

Well I am busy preparing more cloth diapers for the Grand Reopening for Lily Pad Landing and also trying to get all of my current orders finished up and get my new stock ready for the Grand Opening of Panda Pants! Boy it's going to be a busy month!

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