Monday, March 06, 2006

Sugar Highs and Lows

Ah man you just have to love kids. It doesn't take much sugar to really get them going.

This was taken at a dear friends wedding two weekends ago. She had been given who knows how much punch and helped herself to some sugar cubes. :( She was so cute though and such a good girl though. She was of course ready for her usual 9 PM bed time so we didn't really get to stay too long at the wedding.

My friend has been through so much and I think it's wonderful that she has finally found someone that can make her happy and is willing to stick it out through the good and the bad for the rest of thier lives. :)

All of my kiddos went with us but I don't think I managed to catch a picture of my son. He was too busy with the other kids to stop for a picture.

Ah and now for the sugar low. After she finally crashed with proof on her shirt that she had some punch.

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