Thursday, August 11, 2011

Blah Jeans, cute fabric = Super cute skirt

The thing about having children with long legs and skinny waists is they grow out of their pants in length before they grow out of the waist. What a waste to throw those away right? Well, tonight after doing my ruffle tutorial and saying something about how cute it would be on a denim skirt, I just had to try it. Cue Hannah's drawers... Found a pair that were too short but we are still cinching the waist with the built in elastic and buttons (man I love pants like that!)

This print is from the Heather Ross Lightening Bugs and other Mysterious things. It's out of print now which is sad. I've never loved a fabric collection quite like that one.

I chopped the pants off at the knee and split the legs. I also had to split up the back of the butt and stitch it down to make it lay flat. I took what was left of the leg, cut it open and attached it to the v left from cutting the pants open. Attached a ruffle and now she has a cute skirt. And of course who would I be if I didn't make her a matching headband and flower to go with it. :)

Hopefully tomorrow we can get an action shot. She's going to flip when she sees this tomorrow.

I think it's safe to say she loves it.

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