Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I hate spam. Would you believe that someone would actually take the time to spam in my blog? I haven't logged in for a while but there were three very interesting comments which I chose not to approve.

Do you remember my post about That "glorified Amway business" that someone wanted me to join? I didn't name names as far as the company goes but it was Quickstar or Quixtar Someone actually took the time to post to me asking me if I knew the opportunity I missed with that company. My answer to you is why yes Mr. (or Mrs.) Anon I do. :) Thank you very much but I rather like my side of the fence away from the scams. ;)

So on to better and happier things. Baby #4 ended up being a boy. He came to join our family on February 12 weighing a whopping 10lbs 7.4oz. He's thriving on mommy made milk and sporting his lovely cloth diapers also made by mommy.

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