Friday, September 08, 2006

Newborn Fluffy Stuff

So I've really learned how to knit and I feel like my knitting has become pretty good. I decided I wanted to make something for the baby on the way and a friend gave me some wonderful Malabrigo Merino yarn.

The Results?

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Beautiful huh? I'm really happy with the way it came out. :) It's so soft too! I think it will be a wonderful set for the baby.

I do need to make some more for my baby still in diapers. I have another friend that's sending me more yarn and then I can go to town on some more sets. :D

Also I'm helping in a fundraising effort for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. We are helping Christine to reach her fundraising goal of $2,200. (You can find Christine's official fundraising page HERE) Christine's friend Shelley and I are donating a cloth diapering set as a drawing at my store.

Here's a sneek peak at what those look like:

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That's it for now.

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